A Pocahontas Dilemma



I could not have been more excited to go to college. Freedom to pick classes, majors, and a future career. I was so prepared it was ridiculous. I already knew the steps that I needed to take to secure my place in medical school and how to go about researching and applying for internships. Not only that, but I was already looking at my options for specialization within my career, which was something that I wouldn’t need to worry about for at least ten years.

I left high school desiring a career in dermatology.

I entered college desiring a career in dermatology.


I have finished two years of college, and reached a fork in the proverbial river of life. I could best compare it to Pocahontas’ dilemma. In the animated movie, she sings one of my all-time favorite Disney songs that details the choice she must make. She could choose the smoothest course; the path as “steady as the beating drum.” But maybe, just maybe, she could choose the more uncertain one.

In that respect, I am Pocahontas. I am finding my path. A path that is less linear and comes without my pre-planned map.

I know at this point, I am at the fork. I have just transferred colleges. I have a fresh start. With that, I have choices to reconsider. There is still time for everything to change.

I can’t describe the feeling, but I know that right here, right now…

I am literally changing my fate.

Everything has changed.

The excitement is palpable as I discover the opportunities waiting just around the river bend.  Hold on self, we’re steering this canoe in a new direction.



2 thoughts on “A Pocahontas Dilemma

  1. copd4real says:

    Ok, college is about learning new things about yourself and not just about your courses. Are you still determined to go into dermatology? Inquiring minds would like to know…


    • withasideofburnttoast says:

      For sure though! I totally agree. I’ve learned more about myself through college than all my years in high school. Courses aside, I’ve met amazing people who are like family, done things I never thought I could achieve on my own, and been to some awesome events. Life is certainly not all in the books. As far as dermatology, I don’t believe in taking the cards off the table too soon, but there are some serious choices to make. Personally, I love food and want to do something that incorporates nutrition, food science, and overall health. I’ve spent my whole life around food. My daycare was a stream of bakeries and some of my best memories involve food. No joke. I’m thinking dietetics, and hoping to do programs abroad to assist with the world issue of malnutrition. The paycheck isn’t even in the same realm as a paycheck for a doctor, but I feel that I would enjoy it so much more. So to answer your question, I’m not as determined to go into dermatology, but I don’t want to rule it out entirely. It’s been my plan for a while, so its hard to fathom changing the “dead-set” course. Anyways, I don’t know if your inquiring mind wanted my life story here, so I apologize for the rambling. I hope this answered your question to some degree. Thanks for asking!


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