Portlandia Nostalgia

I’ve lived in Ohio for a more than a few months, but the longing that I feel for the state of Oregon is still as strong as ever. This couldn’t be more true after opening my old Portland Community College inbox and seeing a ton of emails; Pacific Northwest sustainability events, PCC campus talks, and Phi Theta Kappa activities. The best message was a sweet “just-reaching-out” email sent from my past mentor and Stress and Human Health course instructor.

After answering these emails at 11: 24 pm last night, I resigned myself to the fact that I might always miss Portland; like a family member you didn’t say goodbye to or an unresolved break-up.

I accepted that I needed to Mope a little. My current situation is that I attend college for free in the same state I was born in, but my heart is in a different place altogether. A place with a sh*t ton of rain clouds, cold beaches, cedar trees, food carts, and voodoo donuts. A place I can eat plants, wear flannel, and go brunching to my heart’s content.

I moped, but with that moping comes knowing that I left for valid reasons. I left for discounted college tuition and greater family bonding, as most of my blood relatives reside here in Ohio. I also left to distance myself from that “bubbly” feeling one gets when one lives in one place for too long. I needed to (literally) expand my horizons.

I’m a sad little cloud, but my brain reminds me:

“If it’s meant to be Lauren, you will be back. Oregon will still be there. Portland will still be there. The donuts will still have jam in them and mini-pretzel rods sticking out of their hearts.”

The silver lining? On New Year’s Eve (tomorrow) I get on a plane to make a 6-day trip back to Portland.

In that case, I can stop being nostalgic for a little while.



6 thoughts on “Portlandia Nostalgia

      • vinneve says:

        New Zealand and now an expat in the land of the desert. Blogging, traveling & meeting people helped a lot. If you could check the older posts of mine you can read my 1st yr of adventures 😉
        I am currently overseas. Cheers!

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      • withasideofburnttoast says:

        I’ve always wanted to go to New Zealand! I read your bio and it was nice to read the bit about winding roads. That is certainly life and that’s what makes it all thrilling. I’m doing some travelling in the next year and wanted to know where you’re headed next? I really think that travel and great food on this planet brings people together. That’s what I love about blogging and sharing photos through Instagram. I’m excited to read more of your articles later on. I had to follow! Sending positivity your way for the week!

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      • vinneve says:

        Hi thanks so much for your support and liking my blog. I was so busy the past months that I was knocked out of oblivion in the blogging World. I am now back hopefully as I have to put my past travel to blog about haha! You will be amazed where I am now… but wait until I can have more time to elaborate to fellow bloggers! Cheers!

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  1. withasideofburnttoast says:

    No worries on being out and about and doing you! Coming back to the “blogging world” after taking a break is a struggle in itself. I’ll have to check up on your travels…possibly for future adventure inspiration? Cheers, and welcome back. (…Maybe to the both of us on our own personal blogging holidays.)


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