Words for Late December

I concluded a letter at 6:01 pm last night.

I taped the pages shut this morning.

It was a message to my future self. The words to be read at the close of 2018.

Shaped as a conversation between two wanderlusting individuals, I asked myself questions following a certain stream of consciousness:

Who will I be? What music will my feet move to? What food will I have tried making and photographing? Will I have traveled the way that I have planned for this year?

I wrote down all the songs I listened to yesterday. Weaving the doings of my last 2017 moments among the words. A final dream, a last wish, an ultimate thought.

I reflected on my goals, outlining a list of 10 things I hope to learn:

  1. To speak German. Perhaps not fluently, but carrying on less than broken small talk.
  2. To make angel food cake successfully.
  3. To post regular blog posts.
  4. Paint. Mostly oil and acrylic.
  5. Scrapbook my travels. Starting with Hawaii and Vegas in high school.
  6. To manage my time.  To keep from rushing at the last moment.
  7. Grow plants in a community garden. Likely at the school down the street.
  8. Play Zelda and/or Skyrim. My friends will help.
  9. To play the piano. Specifically Piano Sonata No. 14 (Moonlight Sonata).
  10. Take pictures of myself, and develop self-love further from that.

I dedicated a page to my intentions. Defined as my plans and aims for the coming months, I decided to pack away the idea of resolutions. Resolution is a word that hold finality and closure to me. In the course of this year, I already envision that my aim will morph and evolve, with relevance to the goals I have formed now.

The recorded words are hidden, but nevertheless guiding me so that I wander in the new year, but not altogether aimlessly.



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