In a Yellow Submarine at Wizard School

The other night I went with friends to COSI After Dark. Experiencing a science museum with adults 21+ only. Alchemized gin present: Glasses with frothy fog as a side effect of liquid nitrogen. I took a few sips that married wheat berries, cardamom, and mace.

I ended up letting the child in me emerge. Playdates with cohesion in touching floating orbs and streams of water. Entertained by sand beds and shipwrecks. I ended up pressing buttons in a yellow submarine as if I had a clue. As if I were saving Pepperland from the Blue Meanies.

FullSizeR (5)

Since the evening’s theme was Wizard School, from the Harry Potter series, there was disappearing ink for creating Marauder’s Maps, electroplating and superconductors for Charms class, and lectures on caring for creatures with animal capabilities to wonder over. I dueled with prototype robot wands. I was not the victor. I lost to a friend who was too quick to Stupefy me multiple times. A gadgets corner allowed us to play with voltage lamps and bulbs. Pulling switches and opening vintage freezers like wizards exploring Muggle life through a purely tech-based window. I even built a wand from paper, copper tape, and little batteries. Crafting to create light.


I rode in a simulator to escape dinosaurs, tripped up the steps of a musical staircase, and called out in an echo-less room to have my words press against me.


I ended the night beneath a colored dome. Twisting shapes and riding through a starry universe to explore the clocks, coins, and waves of light and sound on the dark side of the moon. The music of Pink Floyd guided the crowd in the planetarium through the universe. Defying gravity to soar through the planetary bodies and feel that childlike wonder just beneath the wisdom and experiences of our aged and grown vessels.

I needed this night. Lights, sound, and creativity. I like finding that part of me again. Going back to those days when starry eyes and wild thoughts won over practicality and plans. Losing myself in a state of discovery and imagination.



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