Carrot Cake and the Eternal New Girl

I don’t know how to properly prepare for the start of term.

My friend helped me de-stress by taking me out to a nice dinner at one of the few relatively less-than-casual eateries in Athens, Ohio. Lui Lui. I recommend.

The funny thing about going out to dinner with you friend: The surrounding environment and people can enforce the idea of a date. My friend and I are just friends. It’s silly, but it leads to a nagging feeling I get whenever I go out with my guy friends. How should I suggest otherwise to avoid the awkward assumptions? Stare at my phone a little more? Talk about a guy I’m crushing on? It’s a quandary to me, and I’m sure other people are more adept in this situation.

Regardless, we had a wonderful time catching up.

I chose the Vegetarian Delight. Portabella mushroom caps in a tomato and garlic sauce, with broccoli, carrots and asparagus. Then curried tofu triangles with potato pancakes and jasmine rice. Possibly everything I could want on a plate.


I was committed to ordering the carrot ginger soup as well. While I’ve been craving butternut and carrot soup eternally for the past year, I’ve had each of these soups maybe once during these cold months. I find myself too lazy of an individual to make them at home.

The meal was finished with a layered slice of cake to rival what my grandmother might make for my birthday. Homemade in-house, with faux cream cheese frosting. Delicious.

FullSizeR (6)

Flash forward to the first day back on Tuesday. Carrot cake and vacation relaxation now a mere memory. A Tuesday with a Level 2 snow emergency notice in effect. Campus activities were still in session with flurries coming down. I had no cancelled classes of course: Medical Nutrition Therapy I and Community Nutrition. I am in love with both classes. They pertain to my interest, naturally, in gerontological and community nutrition. Still, the lack of guys in my classes throws me a bit. There’s a few peppered in my courses, but predominantly, my cohort is girls.

Also, it couldn’t be more apparent that I’m a transfer student. Everyone seems to know everyone. It’s like high school and I’m the eternal new girl who likes rain and listening to music by herself. In all honesty. Here I am sitting in the corner, feeling like Bella Swan from the Twilight books. How do I communicate with my peers who seem to be on another wavelength? How do I talk about clinical rotations when I haven’t even enrolled in my nutrition field experience course? That’s a year and a half away for me.

Yesterday, I was in my Nutrition Counseling course. One credit, but with all the projects you’d think it was three. The first exercise was to write your name and a fun fact about yourself on sticky notes that would be shuffled around the room. It was a test to see how well we knew one another. Awesome. I chose to write “I went to New York City over break.” I think the one way that the person with my sticky note was able to find me, was due to the fact that I was wearing my New York City merch on my head at the time. Otherwise, no one really knows me. I only found my sticky note person because someone knew the name on my note and pointed her out.

I think I know a few names now.

Yesterday was also the start of starting the second part of my A&P series. The class is considerably smaller. I was excited for this course though. I feel like I’m understanding the human body. And the universe. Making a breakthrough here.

My notes from the first day.


Finally, I’m retaking my organic chemistry course. I sit between two girls that seem to know each other. They text “over” me to talk.  Again, I’m reminded of high school. I already have the textbook and online access for the course, so luckily I don’t need to spend another $200 on materials. *sigh of relief* However, I’m still shocked at how lost I am on the most basic concepts. Someday, chemistry structures and electrons will make sense. I warn those in my radius that the course gets harder, because the first day is always deceptively tame.

To top things off, I’ve enrolled in an extra “fluffy” online class. Lifetime Fitness. I was going to add Archery for one credit, but the class has its own fees and equipment and doesn’t start until March. Finals will be pressing then. So I chose this class to reach 15 credits. The amount that’s required for scholarships. Yes. I add classes to apply to the lottery system of scholarships.

Also – funny thing: My freshman sister and I are in this same online class. We’ll see who gets the better grade.


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