Meeting Lincoln at Midnight

It’s currently Monday, as I write on events from Sunday. To be posted on Tuesday.

Such is the life on spring break, and I find myself thriving. It’s been a busy past few weeks.


Lovebug – Jonas Brothers

My two friends and I have found ourselves on a spring break road trip to D.C. It’s the first time I’ve seen the country’s capital properly outside of connecting flights in the airport.

We have 5 1/2 days here. I’m typing from the couch of a homey AirBNB in Silver Springs, Maryland. Currently, I find myself surrounded by plants and animals, which was a welcome that was well-received after 5 hours and 46 minutes on the road yesterday.

We are rooming with a family who have four dogs, two cats, two turtles, a fish, and a pig who loves crisp apple cores and popcorn. The house tour included popcorn feedings and enjoying canine attention. All part of the appeal of visiting here. The residents we room with are currently growing tomatoes and beans from spout-lets, make homemade bath bombs, and have magenta lighting at night for their plant forest next to the sunporch. It’s a comfortable and chill setting. I’m watching their turtles swim through a stream of bubbles in their tank.

We arrived yesterday in late afternoon to nap and change clothes. I finished and submitted my taxes. Rest, relaxing, and slight adulting while vacationing.

We drove out late last night from Silver Springs to the heart of D.C. to see the glow of monuments during the hours of free street parking.

We decided to eat Ethiopian food for the first time at Ghion. It was a strong suggestion by previous visitors that we try while visiting this area. I’ve found that I enjoy the concept of eating lentils and spongy injera bread with my fingers. While there are many restaurants to select from, my friends and I were impressed by the customizable combo platter we were able to make with three plant-based options and three omnivore options at Ghion.


I’m curious on the recipe for injera bread.

After dinner adjacent to U Street, we drove off to see the sights of the National Mall, passing the Pentagon, White House, and Exorcist Stairs. Everything was glowing at midnight. We took initial photos with the National Monument before heading over to the World War II Memorial.


The three of us had the monuments to ourselves.


World War II Memorial

My friends and I found photos with our home states at the memorial before grasping the “price of freedom”, as measured in gold stars to denote the lives lost.

We continued on the seemingly infinite lamp-lit pathway to the Lincoln Memorial. We were three wandering college seniors meeting the gaze of an everlasting marble memory of Abraham Lincoln. It was just our trio grasping the enormity and peace of the monument, and at times we would glance over our shoulders to take in what Abraham Lincoln glimpsed each night; In the distance, our eyes also found the stark gleam of the National Monument, framed by marble pillars.


The peace and sense of history was palpable. Reading the engravings and standing where the most celebrated speakers once stood, gives a sense of travelling through time. We pictured the events, the people gathered and the words spoken. We may have been alone at the monument, but we were surrounded by the memories that guide the lives we now lead.


We found our way back to our Maryland home at 2 a.m., our phones filled with photos, and our hearts full from sharing the experience together.


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