Moon Rocks, Stardust, and a Mystery House

Day 05. The final full day in D.C.

My friends and I spent the hours at the network of museums of the Smithsonian. The American Museum of Natural History being our main home.


What follows is the photos from my favorite exhibits. I may or may not have been most happy with the rocks and the stars…

Rock formations close to my old Oregon home.


Enter a caption


Oregon: Crater Lake


Hawaii: Pele’s hair and tears.

And the oldest rock on this Earth that I’ll ever touch.


Fly me to the moon.

I was a foot away from a moon rock that was millions of years before my time. I would love to say that I held a piece, but I’m thankful to just be this close.


Speaking of the moon, the National Air and Space Museum provided the details of flying there. The exhibits spoke to that small piece of this starry-eyed girl that still hopes to be an astronaut when I grow older.


While I’m not flying among the stars, I still daydream and stargaze as if I might one day.


At the beginning of the exhibit I witnessed a vial of the oldest stardust that I might see in this life. The diamond bits from an exploding star at the beginning of worlds.

From incubated carbon atoms to the clouds, the thought of air, space and stars inspires dreams of flying any way possible.


Back on the ground, us humans have worked at reproducing the stars.


Hope Diamond


Marie Louise Diadem and Napoleon Diamond Necklace

And yet, the Earth seems to do it better.


From the rocks and stars, I had to try to catch a glimpse of the live butterflies. My Patronus is a butterfly.


Tickets to see them were provided for purchase in-person at the Conservatory counter. They ran for a bit more than I would have liked, so I peeped the fluttering wings from the windows.

From viewing plants, butterflies, and geology wonders, I decided to explore my childhood interests in Egyptology.


The interest is still present. I hope to see the pyramids one day.

From visiting the museums, my friends and I ate our packed lunches at a Starbucks. I pulled out my glass jar of peanut butter to top my homemade oats, craving espresso for sleepy eyes and tired toes.

We left downtown to find a frozen treat for all our walking efforts. Sweet Frog to curb my friend’s craving for chocolate and my hope for a heaping helping of dairy-free Dole Pineapple Whip.


Returning home, my host pulled out a set of keys to open her “Mystery House”. She had built up her house as a single mother, purchasing the property ‘as is’ and working to create the home and beautiful life that she has today. She hired on a few Amish workers to create the “Mystery” property to house a few cool items.

A set of tympani drums, bookcases with old and perhaps rare books, a working model of a Porche, chairs with a forest view, and a vintage car.


My AirBNB hosts invited me to a bonfire. I realized I had ate all of the bag of Dandies marshmellows on the previous nights here, so there were no sugar bites to roast. Everyone found my peanut butter and marshmellow addiction amusing.

We sat around the fire, chatting about work, past and present loves, how my host is getting married to her high school sweetheart.

Meanwhile my friends and I fed containers of popcorn to their pig, Summer.

A week prior, I never would have thought I’d find myself sitting next to the fire, listening to 90s music, feeding a pig popcorn, and drinking a delicious glass of raspberry beer.



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