Beginning the Day: Pre-Adventure Routine

There’s something comforting about a routine. I have a particular series of events that I use to start out the day, whether I’m going to my college classes or departing for a trip to unknown destinations.

Dream Recording

Waking up, I reach for my notebook. I have a stack of notebooks beside my bed that are a stack of mistakes. Meaning: They were printed upside down. Now I have a series of notepads with lopsided falafel and bread photos with flipped 2018 dates. Still useful for scrawling down notes on my intentions and recollections of my rather random dreams.

The other night I dreamed of making peanut butter toast for crowds of people. My only job was buttering bread slices with creamed peanuts. This was after attending a concert for an artist that didn’t exist, singing a hit song that’s never been recorded. Not terribly crazy, but random thoughts worth documenting.

Day Events

After penning a few lines, I’ll check my calendar for events. There’s usually one thing on my calendar that I quickly remember must be attended to and accomplished that day. I’ll get up and pack my book bag with the odds and ends that parallel the day ahead. Generally, I pack a change of clothes for meetings and interviews. And then if I have lab, I’ll bring comfortable clothes to dress as a “patient” for our clinical practicals.

Then I put in any workbooks, chargers, and snacks. Snacks are key and I always bring a bag of fruit and a jar of peanut butter. Ask my friends; I’m always carrying a spoon and a full jar of locally sourced crunchy peanut butter. I’m a locavore and fully support a working mom with her nut butter empire. She’ll never know that I carry these jars around as much as I do…

Dance Party

I grab my headphones and search the first song that pops into my head when I wake up. I can’t explain why, but lately I’ve been waking with a song on my lips that begs to be heard before I hum the chorus all day.

I proceed to dance into the kitchen.

My current song: Would You Ever by Skrillex and Poo Bear

I  love the video since it provokes my wanderlust spirit. My life goal is to be as carefree as the man gliding into the sunset.

I dance as I make my morning coffee. Folgers Breakfast blend. 4 tablespoons of grounds to one mason jar of water poured into my tiny coffee pot. I need a new coffee setup maybe. My coffeemaker is ancient. I’m not sure where it came from.

Casual Barista

I make a $0.31 latte. Coffee with whipped store-brand almond milk. I do this in 30 seconds with a Kiss Me Organics Milk Frother Wand. I’m a barista sorceress.

Handheld Electric Milk Frother Wand – Coffee Foamer – Battery Operated Rechargeable Milk Frothers with Stainless Steel Whisk – For Coffee, Matcha Lattes and Espresso

I was jealous of my anatomy classmates who waltzed in with Starbucks cappuchinos and foamy cups of espresso. There is one cute boy with Superman curls in the row ahead of me who brings a hazelnut coffee to all the lecture sessions. I used to be green in the face while being weak at the knees. Now it’s just one of the above.

I slurp my coffee in my mismatched pajamas to start the morning before lecture. I could lose $5 for a cuppa made by someone else, but I know just how much foam I need piled in my cup.

FullSizeR (28)

Silky lattes and shuffling in fuzzy socks. My sister usually steals the frother wand and mixes milk to fluff her overnight oats for breakfast and my mom snags it for a hazelnut mocha mixing session.

I hear both of them frothing milk at 2 am for pre-bedtime hot chocolate sessions. My sister swears by her hot chocolate ritual. She gets A’s on her exams, so it works.

FullSizeR (25)

Sometimes I exchange my coffee base with a teaspoon of Kiss Me Organics culinary matcha.

FullSizeR (24)

I change it up based on the day of the week. I’ve been creating a few chai lattes recently using vanilla caramel chai packets steeped for a few minutes prior.

Power Bowl

Following coffee, I’ll create an oatmeal bowl to start off my morning. Oats with a pinch of salt to flavor, chia seeds or ground flax, sliced bananas, carob powder and a spoonful of crunchy peanut butter. Sometimes I’ll add almond milk, but generally I keep things simple.

FullSizeR (23)

I get questions on why oatmeal is the go-to. I’ve never tired of eating it daily for breakfast. With it being a source of complex carbohydrate to supply me long-time energy,  fiber from the chia and flax, and the source of healthy mono-unsaturated fats, I stay full. The balanced bowl of goodness for a dietitian-to-be. In listening to my body, I know it craves the oats.

Boss Inspiration

I eat my power bowl while watching videos of women on Youtuber who inspire me. Sarah’s Day. Siena Mirabella. Kalel. Tess Begg. Monica Church. Eva Gutowski. Sam Ozkural.

Self-made go-getters, and my morning aspirations.

Podcasts and Mixes

I listen to new music discovery and fanciful community radio through Welcome to Night Vale and scary stories through a current audio favorite, Lore.

I zone in.

FullSizeR (22)

I alternate the podcast streaming with putting on a chill mix.

My favorite: Interstellar

Blog Post

Before I dash out the door, I’ll scan some eye-catching posts via the WordPress Daily Prompt, or I’ll post my own thoughts.

I love reading postings, and if I see a passage that catches my eye – I like to share it with deserved credits on my Instagram  story because beautiful combinations of words are thrilling.

Finally, I’ll glance at my long list of emails. Reply and sigh as I stare out the window. Then it’s out the door on a whirlwind adventure of some nature….



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