A Pocahontas Dilemma



I could not have been more excited to go to college. Freedom to pick classes, majors, and a future career. I was so prepared it was ridiculous. I already knew the steps that I needed to take to secure my place in medical school and how to go about researching and applying for internships. Not only that, but I was already looking at my options for specialization within my career, which was something that I wouldn’t need to worry about for at least ten years.

I left high school desiring a career in dermatology.

I entered college desiring a career in dermatology.


I have finished two years of college, and reached a fork in the proverbial river of life. I could best compare it to Pocahontas’ dilemma. In the animated movie, she sings one of my all-time favorite Disney songs that details the choice she must make. She could choose the smoothest course; the path as “steady as the beating drum.” But maybe, just maybe, she could choose the more uncertain one.

In that respect, I am Pocahontas. I am finding my path. A path that is less linear and comes without my pre-planned map.

I know at this point, I am at the fork. I have just transferred colleges. I have a fresh start. With that, I have choices to reconsider. There is still time for everything to change.

I can’t describe the feeling, but I know that right here, right now…

I am literally changing my fate.

Everything has changed.

The excitement is palpable as I discover the opportunities waiting just around the river bend. ¬†Hold on self, we’re steering this canoe in a new direction.